Forum of Bible Agencies Supports TNIV

The Forum of Bible Agencies (FBA), at a recent meeting of representatives in Scotland, issued a statement supporting the TNIV's adherence to established translation standards: "It is the consensus of the FBA that the TNIV falls within the Forum's translation principles and procedures," the FBA's statement said. The meeting was reported by Larry Lincoln, representing the International Bible Society.

Member agencies in the FBA are said to be responsible for 90 percent of all Bible translation work. They include: The Bible League; Open Doors International; Book of Hope International; Pioneer Bible Translators; Evangel Bible Translators; Scripture Union International; Hosanna Ministries; SIM International; Institute of Bible Translation; Trans World Radio; International Bible Society; American Bible Society; The Jesus Film Project; United Bible Society; Lutheran Bible Translators; World Bible Translation Center; New Tribes Mission; and Wycliffe Bible Translators & SIL.

Editor's note: Meanwhile, at the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention in at St. Louis, one of the resolutions approved refused to commend the TNIV, instead describing it as an "inaccurate translation." Southern Baptist Lifeway book stores will not carry the TNIV, those attending were told.

Subsequently, two more of the listed member organizations in FBA have stated that they were misrepresented. Trans World Radio has stated that its representative attended the meeting only as a guest, and that TWR is not a member nor does it take any position on Bible translations. Meanwhile, New Tribes Mission has stated categorically that it has no connection with the FBA, does not know how its name appeared on the list, nor has it endorsed the TNIV. (Additional reports from Baptist Press and Religion Today Summaries.)

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