The Christian and just war

by Ted Kyle

Christians are by no means united on the subject of war against Iraq. Some reject war--any war--out of hand, preferring a pacifist position as the one that best represents the spirit of the Scriptures. Others admit that war is sometimes a sad necessity and that only war can prevent an even greater disaster--the triumph of evil. In the present circumstances, we face an enemy who has lied at every turn. That's why a number of religious leaders including Richard Land, Bill Bright, Chuck Colson, D. James Kennedy, and Carl Herbster wrote a letter to President Bush arguing that a war against Iraq could be justified. They believe that such a war meets the tradition of "just war" theory: Just cause. Hussein is a threat to freedom and has attacked his neighbors and his own people. Just intent. The United States has no interest in occupation, exploitation, or the destruction of the state of Iraq. Last resort. Hussein has defied UN resolutions for years. Legitimate authority. Resolutions from the UN as well as the U.S. Congress strengthen the authority of this action. Limited and achievable goals. The goal of war is to dismantle weapons of mass destruction. Limited casualties. Unlike Hussein, we do not intend to target civilians. Proportionality. The human cost of war is less than the human cost of not going to war. No war, even a just one, is entered into lightly or with joy, but history shows that if the righteous had stopped tyrants early, thousands of lives would have been saved.
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