by Justin Lonas

Pulpit Helps is changing formats!

For most of its history, Pulpit Helps has been delivered to you in a full tabloid format (10 3/8" x 13 "). For a variety of reasons we have decided that this issue (Dec. 2007) will be the last printed in that size. Beginning next month (with the January 2008 issue), Pulpit Helps will be produced in a magazine standard format (8 " x 10 "). All of the articles and departments you depend on will still be a part of the publication, but they may be rearranged slightly.

We're pursuing this direction because:

1) The cost of printing is significantly less for a standard-trim publication-by reducing print cost, we will be able to balance our budget and focus more energy on providing you with the best content possible.

2) Standard-trim magazines have a lower incidence of loss in the USPS delivery system-we send many replacement copies each month to readers who did not receive their magazine due to tearing and discarding in the postal sorting process. As the USPS machines are designed to handle standard-size magazines (not tabloid-size), we expect that subscribers will receive each issue on time and intact.

3) Changing the format opens the door for magazine-style layout-this will allow us to provide more in-depth articles and a new cover that will enable us to reach more people with this ministry.

As always, any changes to Pulpit Helps are made with one goal in mind-ensuring that we are doing our best to equip you with the tools to serve the Lord to the best of your ability in your ministry. We are focused on making it possible to continue this ministry well into the future. Thank you for reading!

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