They Call Him Fetus

by Unknown author

They call his name “Fetus.” It is a Latin name. But since I don’t speak very much Latin, I will call him by the English translation of that name, which is “Little One.”

At conception, he was only about the size of a grain of salt. He began with 23 chromosomes from each of his parents. In that one little cell was the complex genetic blueprint for every detail of Little One’s development—the color of his eyes and hair, his height, his skin tone—it was all there in the first miraculous moment of the beginning of life.

From the time of his conception, Little One has been quite a remarkable young man. At only three weeks after conception, his heart began to beat and the foundation of his brain, spinal cord, and nervous system were already established.

At one month he had become 10,000 times larger than the original fertilized egg that was his beginning. When he was only 40 days old his brain waves could be detected and recorded. At seven weeks he began to move spontaneously. At eight weeks he was little more than an inch long, yet all his body had formed, and everything was present that will be found in a fully-developed adult.

He is so cute. He will soon be sucking his thumb. If an object touches the palm of his hand, he will grip it with his little fingers. He even has fingerprints.

At twelve weeks, he exercises energetically—turning his head, curling his toes, and opening and closing his mouth. In another week hair will begin to grow on his head.

Now all Little One has to do is grow in the safety and warmth of his mother’s womb.

What will Little One be? Maybe he will be a great leader who will help the world find peace and guide more people into freedom. Maybe he will be a medical research scientist, who will find a cure for cancer. Maybe he will be a teacher and train others to experience the wonders of life and truth. With those little fingers he has, maybe he will be a pianist and thrill thousands with his music.

0h, what potential Little One has! Maybe he’ll be a ... OH NO ... this is the end of our story. Little One just became one of the 4,400 fetuses who each day in America have their potential ended by the tools of the abortionist.

According to an internet report by a group called Women on Waves Foundation, there are 52 million abortions in the world every year. That figures out to 142,466 babies killed each day. Do you suppose that God is going to continue to tolerate that? In fact, there are nearly one and one-half million abortions in the United States every year. And we are supposed to be a “Christian” nation.

From Gospel Truths, October, 2001

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