Muslim Persecution Affects Evangelism in Bangladesh

by Lori Overcash

AMG co-workers at the Bangladesh Bible Correspondence School (BBCS) report that it is becoming increasingly difficult to preach the Word of God in that Muslim-dominated country. Conflict around the world between Muslims and other groups is causing tension as our workers attempt to deliver courses to the students.

Recently as the workers went into a village to distribute new Bible courses and pick up completed ones, they were surrounded by a group of Muslim extremists who threatened to kill them if they ever returned again. Later one of the students living in that village confirmed through a letter to the correspondence school office that the situation was very bad and advised the workers not to return. They are attempting to communicate through the mail, although in the past the postal workers have thrown away the correspondence courses, rather than deliver them.

In the midst of such opposition, however, there are victories. Jonathan, who is the head of the BBCS, has developed a relationship with a very prominent Muslim family. The father, who is a heart patient, had a very hard time understanding the concept of salvation. Jonathan persuaded this man to study the Bible courses. He has completed the courses and has been given a Bible. He studies the Bible each day and has great interest. Jonathan believes that it is only a matter of time before he accepts Jesus Christ as his Savior. Please pray for him and his family.

Jonathan is optimistic about the future of Bangladesh because he knows that ultimately God is in control and that in the end He will prevail. He asks prayer for several issues:

• The coordination of seminars for the Bible correspondence students.

• That he will be able to find a new office in a more convenient location. Currently the office is near the largest mosque in the city and this has caused some problems.

• Dengue fever has caused the death of hundreds of people throughout Bangladesh. Thank God for sparing our workers and pray that He will give opportunities to reach people as a result of this tragedy.

• Most of all, pray that God will provide us enough patience and knowledge to preach His Word through the BBCS.

We invite you to join in the ministry of the Bangladesh Bible Correspondence School. Please pray for the items that Jonathan has listed and consider supporting this ministry financially. You can be a partner in sharing the gospel in this Muslim land.

Lori Overcash is assistant manager of development for AMG

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