The Vanishing Ministry in the 21st Century

by Glen H. Jones

This volume updates and expands the author's original study, The Vanishing Ministry published in 1991, which examined the state of the Christian ministry.

The book has four sections. The first section asks, "How are we doing?" Even though the number of missionaries continues to increase, we are not keeping up with the expanding spiritual need of the world. Growing materialism and lessening interest in spiritual matters has contributed to a decreased interest in gospel evangelism. Some would say that "Christian" America has become a mission field.

Section two questions, "How did we get where we are?" A growing emphasis on getting a good job and acquiring a more opulent life style has dimmed the eyes of those who might have volunteered for mission service. Many pastors, too, have not challenged their church youth to surrender for mission service. Most Christian parents no longer advise their children to consider missions as a lifetime choice.

"What attitudes are needed for ministry?" is the third question the author asks. First, we need a commitment to the Great Commission. Then we must ask the Lord for compassion for the lost. If we have these two ingredients, we are in a position for the Lord to mold us into His plan.

The fourth section asks, "Where do we go from here?" We need pastors with a vision for world missions, who are eager and able to pass that vision on to their congregations.

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