Designer Universe, Intelligent Design and the Existence of God

by Glen H. Jones

The scientific community in general does not accept the design of the universe as evidence of a personal creative God. However, the authors belong to a growing group that hopes to revive this neglected philosophy. The major non-Christian religions teach the design of the universe, but not in the biblical sense. Only in the Christian Scriptures do we find that a personal God created the universe and everything in it.

From the sixteenth century until the time of Darwin, scientists, philosophers, and theologians accepted a universe designed by intelligence. Darwin, however, postulated that the universe was the result of naturally-occurring modifications over eons of time. That view has dominated until the present time.

The authors believe that ample evidence exists to demonstrate an intelligently-designed universe: atomic research, physic research, DNA research, and stellar research. These all give strong evidence of intelligent design.

"Because ofthe unending changes in science and philosophy, this book has no conclusions. We simply add this epilogue to a question that is easily settled for many but remains open for others," state the authors.

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