Believers Church Bible Commentary: Ephesians

by Glen H. Jones

This volume is one of a series of Bible commentaries prepared by the Mennonite-Brethren Denomination. Ephesians, considered by many as the high-water mark of Paul's epistles, offers encouragement and hope of the believer. Neufeld gives us some background information about the epistle: major themes, structure, authorship, date, and pastoral considerations. He then presents detailed information on each block of Scripture. The blocks of text that the author chooses appear to follow the logical narrative. Each section follows the same general structure: preview of the passage, an outline, explanatory notes, the biblical context, and the text in the life of the church. Ephesians 1:5, 6 has generated a great deal of discussion through the ages. It concerns election/predestination. "In short, election and predestination have to do with God lovingly choosing humanity for salvation. Human beings are quite capable of resisting such a divine initiative" the author summarizes (p. 63). That statement, of course, will not satisfy everyone. This commentary exhibits extensive research and careful textual exegesis. It should prove helpful as a tool to Bible study.
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