Are You Lonely

by Larry Malone

Are you lonely?" the ad asks. "Let us tell you about a friend who will never leave you." No, it's not a "lonely hearts" message offering the hope of finding a human soul-mate. But it does offer a soul-connection with the best of friends, the Lord Jesus Christ. Down through the years God has richly blessed one of the unique methods which AMG International is using to share the good news of the gospel. AMG is currently placing paid gospel advertisements in secular newspapers and magazines in 32 countries of the world. Sometimes the ad simply presents the plan of salvation and asks readers to respond if they want to know more. In other cases, we use a hook to grab the reader's attention by asking a question such as, "Are you lonely?" To those who respond we send a Bible or New Testament and invite them to study with us through Bible correspondence courses. When there is a Bible-believing church nearby, we encourage them to attend. Through this ministry, called Newspaper Evangelism, AMG is making contact with interested people, developing a personal relationship and sharing how they can enjoy peace in the midst of trial and have hope for eternity through Jesus Christ. AMG is able to pay for these ads through the donations received from partners who understand the effectiveness and efficiency of this unique ministry. Newspaper evangelism has been extremely effective in countries closed to traditional witnessing techniques. AMG International has seen phenomenal response come from countries like India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, and several Arabic-speaking countries that cannot be named. In a recent report from our partners in Turkey we learned that during this past year 12,845 new students enrolled in the Bible Correspondence School ministry as a result of gospel ads seen in local newspapers. This is an increase of thousands over the previous year. People are responding from each one of Turkey's 81 provinces. This means that AMG's partners are sending around 1,000 new Bible courses and New Testaments monthly. The most important thing is that people are coming to Christ. "N" from a city in the east, along with a number of extended family members and friends, made a profession of faith. They are meeting regularly with the local fellowship and continuing in the Bible correspondence courses. "T" is a Muslim priest who is working through the courses and it seems has come to faith. If he professes his faith openly he will meet with great persecution. Our workers request prayer for these individuals, along with many others who have recently accepted Christ. Clearly this ministry is effective, reaching into places where it is very difficult for missionaries to go.
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