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Inaccurate Translation

Just an observation to one of the most popular misused translations in the New Testament. In Volume 28, February, 2003, Number 2, author Jan Silvious writes, page 9, in the next to last paragraph, of  “With Jesus in the Garden”: “Here, Jesus sweated great drops of blood.”

Every translation I have checked uses a simile, “He prayed more fervently, and he was in such agony of spirit that his sweat fell to ground like great drops of blood” (Luke 22:44). All because of Calvary.

I am surprised that the proof reader didn’t catch this when she published The Five Minute Devotional (Zondervan, c. 1991).

The only other two abused Scriptures are “God Helps those that help [trust Him is biblical] themselves” and “Judge not less you be judged,” are more popular.

Harold E. Milner

We didn’t catch it either. – ed.

America Is “Following Suit”

In the February 03 issue of Pulpit Helps, on page 25, there is a “Commentary” column by Gregory Tomlin, decrying the fact that Sweden is about to criminalize anti-gay preaching. One of the headers says, “Will America Follow Suit?”

 Mr. Tomlin doesn’t seem to be aware of what’s happening in America. Just a few months ago, the Pennsylvania State Legislature passed a bill making it illegal for anyone to publicly speak against homosexuality. The governor, Democrat Edward G. Rendell, signed it into law. Ministers as well as other Christian leaders had spoken out in opposition to the bill but it passed anyway. The legislature made a weak comment to the effect that they didn’t have churches in mind and wouldn’t enforce the law against them.

I would have sent this info to Mr. Tomlin but I didn’t know how to contact him.

Al Valentine

Ft. Smith, Arkansas

Consider it sent.—ed.

Another Old Rule of Grammar

Enjoyed the editorial {Feb} and the valid points—but especially enjoyed your subtle humor. “. . .a no-no, according to all the rules of grammar—at least the old rules we all grew up with.” Imagine you will get lots of mail from those who realize a preposition never ends a sentence—at least under the grammar rule of old!

Seriously - thanks for all you do at Pulpit Helps.

John Carignan

Ladson, SC

This is one rule up with which I cannot put. —ed.

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What About Reprinting in Our Church Bulletin?

I am a great admirer of the good material in the Pulpit Helps publications. Wish more people knew about it and received them. I am interested in knowing if you allow a church to use short items from your paper for the Sunday Bulletin? I like the poem on page 18 of volume 28 of the February, 2003, Pulpit Helps. Will wait to hear from you on this matter.

Pastor Stancil Clements

Big Hurricane Baptist Church

Brookwood, AL

Editor’s response: Indeed yes—most of the articles and shorter items published in Pulpit Helps are freely available for reprinting. All we ask is that Pulpit Helps and the original source be credited. The exceptions to this rule are items for which we ourselves had to gain permission to reprint—copyrighted material, which usually also carries the notation: “used by permission.” These articles are mostly too long for church bulletins, anyway. Other publications wishing to use copyrighted material need to go to the original source for permission, just as we did.

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