Article Prompts Joint Venture to Alleviate Suffering

by Larry Malone

A news item seen in Pulpit Helps was credited by the pastor of First Baptist Church of Alma, Arkansas, with alerting his church to the terrible economic crisis that Argentina is experiencing. As a result of Pastor Shelton’s inquiry, AMG was first invited to be a part of their next Mission Festival, and now First Baptist Church and AMG are planning a joint medical trip to Argentina, with approximately 25 people ministering during the trip.

Pastor Shelton is also the founder of Mission Corps, a ministry of the church created to increase the awareness and dedication of the members of the First Baptist Church to the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. One of the ministry’s outreaches is their annual Mission Festival, which includes several other churches in the area. The church also takes about five short-term mission trips a year—one of which will now be headed for Lujan, a city just outside Buenos Aires.

Millions of children living in Argentina today are experiencing poverty as a way of life. There are sixteen million people living below the poverty level, and over half of these are under the age of eighteen. Their parents are jobless—many also are homeless—and the children lack proper food and clothing.               

As a result, malnutrition is evident everywhere, causing disease, stunted growth, and emotional problems. AMG’s co-worker in Lujan, Pastor Jorge Ovando, faces these problems daily. As pastor of the World Evangelization Baptist Church, Jorge rallied the help of his congregation in organizing feeding centers to help these poor children and their parents.

He writes, “Our church is feeding over 250 children between the ages of two months and fourteen years. We continue to operate three different feeding centers. These little ones are looking to us to ease their gnawing hunger and provide their basic needs.

“We are also trying to help parents who have no place to live, as well as children with special needs. We are seeking to use these opportune times not only to take care of their very real physical needs, but also to present to them Jesus Christ and a totally different perspective on life.”

Although the church members are willing to donate their time and energy to feed these precious little ones, they do not have sufficient funds to buy the food. This became a wonderful opportunity for AMG to partner with them and help these children, both physically and spiritually.

In Jesus’ name we can reach out to them, alleviate their hunger, and teach them about Jesus. Please pray about what you can do to help in this desperate situation.

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