The Virgin Birth (a Biblical Study of the Deity of Jesus Christ)

by Glen H. Jones

The deity of Jesus Christ and His virgin birth are inseparable twin truths. One cannot stand without the other. If Jesus was not God, there was no need for the virgin birth. Therefore, any study of the virgin birth must begin with a study of the Trinity. Gromacki prefaces his thesis by implying that the Trinity and the virgin birth cannot be found out by logic, philosophy, or through extra-biblical sources. It is only through the revealed Word that we can come to an understanding of this mystery. The author begins his argument by showing from Scripture that Messiah is Deity. He quotes several Old Testament texts to illustrate this point. He moves to the Gospel writers who also affirm that Jesus is the Christ-who is the God to be served and worshiped. The Apostles Peter and Paul demonstrate unfaltering belief in the deity of Jesus as Messiah and God. In further chapters the writer discusses other issues surrounding the virgin birth. Was Mary sinless? Was the Holy Spirit the father of Jesus' human nature? Was Mary the mother of God? Did a human father conceive Jesus? What was the essence of the divine and human natures of Christ? Two other chapters discuss thorny biblical questions: Why did God need to assume the form of a human? Secondly, how can we harmonize the genealogies of Matthew and Luke?
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