Saved From What?

by Glen H. Jones

R. C. Sproul asks and answers three poignant questions: Saved from what? Saved by what? Saved for what? What were the consequences from which Christ saved us? How did Christ accomplish this redemption? And for what purpose did He save us?

The author points out the various uses of “saved” and “salvation” in Scriptures. One could be saved from an enemy, from an illness, or a fear. But the ultimate meaning of salvation involves release from sin that separates us from God—now and in the future.

One needs to be saved because of sin. The Bible teaches that we are totally depraved by sin. That does not mean that everything that we do is sinful, but that every part of our being has been affected by sin. “We are not sinners because we sin, but we sin because we are sinners.” The sin nature is so damaging that it separates us from God, who is holy.

The work of Christ on the cross reconciled us to God. His death and resurrection was both a substitution for our sin and a satisfaction to fulfill God’s broken law. Christ took the curse of sin that had fallen on every member of the human race. Those who are related to Christ by faith are now members of His body, the church.

Once we have been adopted into God’s family, we are to live as children of the living God. Our ultimate destination, however, is to enjoy the very presence of God in heaven. There everything will be righteousness and peace and joy as we commune with our Savior.

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