Your Secret to Spiritual Success

New believers need a handbook of Christian principles to help them with their new life in Christ. Scudder has given us such a book. His course of instruction is contained in thirty-one principles. These principles cover walking in fellowship with Christ, Bible study, prayer, witnessing to the unsaved, temptation, trials, and fellowship with believers, holy living, and faithfulness.

The author stresses that we are saved by grace alone, apart from any good that we can do. The good we do and the holy life we live is our loving response for God's mercy, love, and grace toward us. Jesus' parables offer a framework through which we can respond to the grace of God.

Believers, especially young believers, often get discouraged when they fail to measure up to God's high demands. Scudder gently encourages believers not to lose heart: spiritual growth can sometimes be very slow. But if we are faithful, the Holy Spirit will honor that faithfulness and draw us closer to His perfect will.

A believer who earnestly wants to grow in grace will study the Word to establish sound doctrine within his heart and mind. He will seek out Bible-believing Christians with whom he can fellowship. And, yes, he will make it a regular habit to worship in church with other believers.

The author has included an excellent study section at the end of the book.

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