"Restore Thy Church, O God"

by James L. Snyder

We are a starved generation that’s never seen the glory of God. We have men and women in their 20s and 30s that have never seen the glory of God for themselves. They are Christians, they are in Bible colleges, but they’ve never seen the glory of God. They’ve never known what it is to be in a service where the presence of God is so awe-inspiring that you can’t speak out loud.

A whole generation has never heard God preached about so high and lifted up that they go home in silence and can not talk.

We have excitement. We have rousing and spirited choruses. We have noise galore, but there is no sense of the presence of God in our services.

This generation of Christians needs to repent and seek the face of God at all cost. We must be willing to pray, “O, God, answer with me or without me or apart from me. O, God. Glorify Thyself in our midst. Send revival, Lord, but if you want to bless the church across the city and not mine, all right.”

We must pray, “O God, bless Your church at any cost.” But if we put a price tag on it—if we try to gain a little glory for ourselves through our prayers—God won’t hear us. Too often, we pray selfishly and wonder why we don’t get the answer.

It will take some self-sacrificing for some of us to really pray unselfishly. But if we want to see our prayers answered, if we want to see revival in our land, we must begin to pray like this: “O, God, restore Thy church again to the holy land. If You use me, I’ll be grateful; but if You don’t want to use me, then I’ll be joyous and rejoice to see the church restored by somebody else. I’ll back the man You use. I’ll love him, I won’t be jealous, I’ll pray for him, I’ll work behind the scenes, and I’ll do my dead-level best, unseen, to do what I can do. Oh, God, honor Thyself in our midst.”

I don’t know who will lead us back. I haven’t met him yet. But God will send His prophets. He always has. It might be some red-headed boy running around covered with freckles, big ears standing out like open taxicab doors… that may be the boy. Somewhere God has his man, God will raise him up and there will be restoration and revival. Not evangelistic campaigns that cost millions of dollars, but true restoration and revival.

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