Reaching Arabs Via the Printed Page

by Larry Malone

How can we reach Arabs with the gospel of Jesus Christ? In today’s newspapers we read countless stories about the Arab world, yet most of these stories do not mention the spiritual needs of the 242 million Arabic-speaking people in our world today—almost half of whom live in areas where they have little or no opportunity to hear the gospel.

To meet this tremendous challenge, AMG is using a tool which can break through political and religious barriers and bring the gospel to these people right where they are—in their homes, their offices, their schools, even their prisons.

That tool is a magazine, published in Lebanon in the Arabic language and distributed to many countries in the Middle East. The articles, written with such intriguing titles as “Go and secure it!” “A man impossible to control,” or “An instrument to reveal secrets,” prick the interest of readers and cause them to read the eternal truths that can change their lives.

Responses come from many countries in the Middle East, including Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates. Letters even come from North African countries such as Algeria, Libya, and Egypt. Usually the readers sign their names, but one letter was simply signed “Muslims from Bahrain.”

Countless other Arabs read the messages even though they do not respond. What a potential for reachingArabs with the gospel! Pray that God will use this ministry in a mighty way for His glory.

Larry Malone is manager of
AMG International Ministries

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