Seven Signs of the End Times

by Glen H. Jones

 Seven Signs is written by a conservative pastor from the premillennial point of view. Its format resembles an extended gospel tract that has instructions for the believer and an evangelistic call for the unsaved. The author believes that these seven signs could herald the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ. However, the writer does not get entangled in date setting nor event prophesying.

The seven significant signs that hint of His return are 1) the return of the Jewish people to the Holy Land, 2) Jerusalem’s significance in world interest, 3) the revival of the Roman Empire through the European Union, 4) heightened tension in the Middle East, 5) rumors of the rebuilding of ancient Babylon in modern-day Iraq, 6) the new globalism that heralds one-world government and 7) the rise of apostasy among those who call themselves Christians.

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