Rebel Leader Orders Killing of Ugandan Christians

The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a brutal rebel group that has terrorized northern Uganda for seventeen years, has begun specifically directing its attack against Christians. Their leader, Joseph Kony, (who claims to be guided by messages from angels) has ordered the killing of Christian leaders across the denominations. Barbaric and terrifying attacks against civilians now occur on an almost daily basis as part of a new wave of violence launched by the group.

Refugees and local church leaders reported that from the end of last year the Islamic extremist government of Sudan once again began to back the LRA. Ammunition, guns, military equipment and supplies provided by Sudan have enabled the LRA to unleash its latest wave of terror.

Barnabus Fund via MissionNet

Lawsuit Challenges First Homosexual Public School

A lawsuit has responded to New York City’s announcement that  it would open the first public high school devoted to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students in the United States. The new school, Harvey Milk High School (named after San Francisco’s first openly-gay city supervisor who was assassinated in 1978) expected to enroll 100 students.

The suit has been filed in the New York Supreme Court. Mathew D. Staver, a Liberty Counsel attorney, said New York regulations prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation.

According to Staver, 84% of the children served by the New York School System are racial minorities, and as many as 95% of the students fail basic competence evaluations. “The city took $3.2 away from these minority student schools and diverted the money to fund a school that discriminates based on sexual preferences where heterosexuals are not welcome.”

Maranatha Christian Journal
via MissionNet

ELCA Will Wait Till 2005 for Same-Sex Union Decision

The church-wide assembly of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America decided in mid-August to stick with its time line for considering sexuality matters—meaning the denomination will consider whether to bless same-sex unions at its meeting in 2005. The gathering rejected a request to delay decisions concerning same-sex unions and whether or not people in such relationships should be pastors in the denomination. The denomination does not have an official policy on the blessing of same-sex relationships, but an advisory body does not approve of such ceremonies. In a separate vote, the assembly defeated a resolution to suspend the denomination’s full communion relationship with the Episcopal Church, which recently approved its first openly-gay bishop and recognized that some of its bishops permit same-sex blessings.

RNS via Religion Today Summaries

Pakistani Christians Get Life in Prison

A high court in Pakistan’s eastern region has upheld a decision sentencing two Christian men to life in prison for allegedly burning the Quran. The men—Amjad and Asif Masih, who are not related—plan to appeal the Aug. 7 ruling to the Supreme Court, said Shahbaz Bhatti, president of the All Pakistan Minorities Alliance. The defendants, convicted of blasphemy in the city of Lahore, have argued that police set them up after they refused to pay a bribe, said Bhatti. Police accused the men of burning the Quran while they were in jail in Jhang, located northwest of Lahore. The men were first sentenced on blasphemy charges in October, 2002. “Their families in Jhang are finding it difficult to pursue the case because they are receiving threats from fundamentalists in the area. Their lives are in danger,” Bhatti said. The men could have received death sentences.

Charisma News Service
via Religion Today Summaries

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Iraqi Christians
Risk Their Lives as Revival Spreads

Iraqi Christians have become the target of attacks by Muslim extremists and bandits and are risking their lives to attend church services. They race through the streets to reach their destinations every Sunday as an increasing number of believers have been killed or wounded in Muslim violence against Christian shops and against Christian women who refuse to wear scarves. Despite the persecution, church leaders and missionary workers say Iraq is heading towards its biggest spiritual revival ever after decades of fear and hardship during the regime of Saddam Hussein. Amid the ongoing death and destruction, Iraqis of all religions nationwide are putting their faith in Christ.

Assist News Service via MissionNet

Radical Islamic Group Threatens Britain

Leaders of the radical Islamic group Al-Muhajiroun are reacting angrily to a raid by British anti-terrorist police officers on the sect’s headquarters and homes of some of its leadership. A statement issued by the group on July 30 read in part, “For the moment Muslims in the U.K. have a covenant of security which prevents them from attacking the lives and wealth of anyone here. However, Muslims are also obliged to defend their life, honor and wealth when it is attacked and violated.” Al-Muhajiroun has been linked to the recent British suicide bombers in Israel and has issued calls to overthrow the British government. Scotland Yard said search warrants to enter the properties were served under the Terrorism Act, the BBC reported.

Assist News Service via MissionNet

Anglican Conservatives Ponder Options

In the wake of the confirmation August 5 of openly-gay priest Gene Robinson as bishop in the Episcopal Church U.S.A. (ECUSA), a council of conservative bishops and parishes said it plans to meet in October in Plano, Texas, to decide whether to break away from ECUSA or take some other action.

“The Episcopal Church U.S.A. has shattered the Anglican family,” said a news release from the American Anglican Council (ACC). “The Episcopal Church has departed from the historic Christian faith. We reject this action of our church.”

The signatories added: “We now face a profound pastoral crisis that will leave many Episcopalians searching for an answer for the deep pain that has been inflicted upon them. They are experiencing an overwhelming sense of loss and in some cases betrayal by this general convention.”

An AAC spokesman said the council isn’t asking conservatives to leave the church—at least not yet.

Based on a CitizenLink report.

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