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Thanks for Bright Memoir and More

I want to write and thank you for your wonderful paper. In the September issue, the article on Bill Bright caused me to have a big cry. What a precious man of God; thank you for the well-written article. What a loss for us and a gain for heaven.

Also Pastor Zodhiates’ message on the Blood of the Cross was excellent; every minister needs to preach that one. I used to hear Mr. Zodhiates on the radio but have not been able to get him for a long time. Thank you for blessing us with his sermons in print.

The Bulletin Inserts is always a joy, I do miss Ministers Mirth you used to have, I reckon I saved most of them to share with my homebounds when I go visit as well as the other articles too.

Ann Faith Davis
Buckeye, AZ

Editor’s note: “Ministers’ Mirth” is still around, though we very often have  to break it into chunks to fit space restrictions. Look for individual bits of humor throughout the magazine.

A Different Slant on Evangelism

May I offer another perspective regarding all the hand-wringing over proper motivation in soul-winning expressed in “Witnessing Versus Soul-Hunting,” July PH?

Phil 1:18: “But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice.”

The power of God is in the gospel, not the messenger. Pure motivation is hard to come by in sinners saved by grace, however desirable it may be. I thank God for all the efforts to train believers. I have learned something from every one of the numerous classes I have attended on this grand subject. They have served to motivate me as well, as it is difficult to stay focused on something that is not natural to anyone.

Jesus said He would make us (on-going process) fishers of men. Every evangelism class is a step in becoming what He wants us to be. Every attempt  to witness, no matter how wooden or awkward, is leading to that time when we shall become proficient at this greatest of arts. And let us use Scripture! If we were to learn a foreign language, we would not expect the French to change their language to accommodate our ignorance. So let us use heavenly language (Scripture) to educate the unsaved into salvation.

God bless, Dennis

Thanks for Christian Concern

My name is Vadim Sirotnikov. I’m the author of “Tears on Gray Cement” which I found to be featured in your June, 2003, issue.

First let me say that I thank you for the interest and care about Israel and the life of ordinary people in it. I’m very pleased that you take the effort to write about Israel in a positive manner, and let local people like myself express themselves.

I often watch Christian broadcasts available in the Middle East and I am always amazed at your nobleness, common sense, and care for the simple folk. Only if more media sources were as loyal to real morality, instead of double-standard relative morality.

Vadim Sirotnikov
Haifa, Israel

Editor’s note: “Tears on Gray Cement” concerned the terrorist bombing of a bus carrying numerous students last March—among them a school acquaintance of the author.

Thanks from Africa

I would like to thank you for the Pulpit Helps Magazine. It is a great blessing to me. May God bless you as you advance the ministry of the gospel.

James Churu
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Bugaboo of Bible Interpretation

Your article “Has the Word of God Been Watered Down?” was so to the point for our times. Congratulations. I pray it will be a start of much needed orientation on the bugaboo of Bible interpretation.

Richard Averitt

Exegeting from the KJV

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your article in the last issue. I, too, am concerned about the “watering down” of the Word. As a pastor and preacher I use several translations of the Bible to help everyone understand the truth but, thanks to Dr. Zodhiates’ encouragement many years ago to become an exegete, I use the KJV wording to find definitions in Greek and Hebrew. One thing I found a long time ago was that how many white hairs it takes to disqualify a red heifer is not something worth discussing while sitting in a “two-hole” outhouse with your best friend. But then, what is?

Oh, for the good ole days.

Wayne Nix

Thanks for Articles on Bright, Psalm 23

We have, through the years, appreciated so much our subscription to Pulpit Helps. Perhaps, especially the current September, 2003, issue relative to Bill Bright, certainly one the Lord’s choice servants, and  your editorial on Psalm 23.

Our prayers continue with you and your ministry daily in the place of service and ministry the Lord has set apart for you.

 Donald F. Henry

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