Let Us Express Thanks to God and Others

by E. Dean Kelly

Flowers and kind words and compliments that are never seen until the funeral are really too late.

May we be thankful for Christian parents who cared enough to bring us up in the truth. Only a few have been blessed in this way and if you are one of them, never forget to be thankful.

May we be thankful for a Christian mate who loves us and who is doing all he or she can to help us on to heaven. If you have been so richly blessed in this way, never take it for granted. Going to heaven is a difficult enough task by itself, and it can be made so much harder by an unbelieving mate.

May we be thankful for the gift of children that God has given us. “Blessed is the man who hath his quiver full,” the Old Testament writer has said. Sometimes we can lose sight of the blessing that children are, as we go through the normal ups and downs of parenthood. Anyone who has ever lost a child can tell us how it can be too late to express thankfulness about our children.

May we be thankful for the local congregation of God’s people. There is a family that is ready to have us as a part of it, if we will make our effort, and allow ourselves to be part of it. All too often we can get caught up in the little disagreements and problems that are a normal part of life, and forget how thankful we should be for the local congregation of God’s people. Thanks be to God for godly elders who care about the members, and are dedicated to the pure unadulterated Word of God.

May we be thankful for the country in which we live. It is true that we have plenty of problems in our country, but I still believe that this country is the greatest on the face of the earth. We can thank God for it, and we can help to keep this country a land to be thankful for, by dedicating ourselves to the principles of New Testament Christianity, and by being dedicated to the God of heaven, for this is the only way for our nation to be preserved.

May we be thankful for the ultimate gift from God: Jesus Christ who died on the cross of Calvary for our sins. May we never “tread under foot the Son of God.” Our thanksgiving for this great gift is shown by how we react in relationship to His gift. In other words, do we do what He asks of us? This is the true measurement of our thankfulness.

May we simply be thankful to the Lord and Father of us all, who has given us every good gift. Every day of our lives is a gift from the God of heaven. Every breath we take is because of Him. Every joy, every true pleasure, every hope is only because of Him. Are we truly thankful?

Of course, while there is nothing wrong with taking a special day set aside nationally to thank God for all His blessings, yet for Christians everyday should be a day of thanksgiving to their Father. And to those around us, as we have mentioned, let us send our flowers to them while they can still enjoy them, and say our kind words while they mean something to them. What a blessing thankfulness is!!!

Via Bulletin Digest

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