From Saturday Night Live to Sunday Morning Dead

by Bill Chapman

The above title to this Proclaimer article is the testimony of most church members in this sinful nation. Is it any wonder then the buzz around the office water cooler on Monday morning is about the jokes of Saturday Night Live rather than the church happenings of Sunday morning dead? Religious leaders are doing everything imaginable to stop this present tragic condition in the church. The suggested remedies by these Dr. Duflunkies have proven to be nothing more than recipes for ruin. In their feverish rush for the church to come up with something, they have failed to realize that in reality the church has no need to come up with something but rather go back to Someone…the Living God of Scripture. Most, if not all of these recipes for ruin, provided by these religious gurus have three major flesh appealing ingredients namely: 1. Entertainment 2. Excitement 3. Experience. Thus far the snake (the serpent) oil remedies of the latest religious medicine show have produced crowds but are failing tragically in building biblical churches. Beware of the churches that are binge drinking the devil’s brew of entertainment, excitement, and experience as it will draw crowds but never, never build biblical churches.

Dear ones, the answer to the Sunday morning dead problem is not to attempt to reproduce Saturday Night Live on Sunday morning…rather the answer is for a God-sent revival in the local churches of this land. 

The Proclaimer
Bill Chapman Evangelistic Association
Sylva, North Carolina

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