Who Made God

by Harry Rimmer

After one particular lecture, I was approached by a young student who desired to enter into a discussion concerning origins. This young enquirer began by saying, "I would like to talk to you in the language of science. In this interview I hope we can confine ourselves to scientific facts and language and get to the bottom of this question I desire to ask."

Of course I was more than willing to meet the youth upon his chosen grounds. My early days in the study of medicine were spent learning double-pointed, twelve-cylinder, knee-action words; and I felt that if he wanted to speak exclusively in the weird and compound verbiage of science, I should be happy to accommodate him: We felt that the discussion promised much.

The lad opened the conversation by saying, "Where did the world come from?"

To this I replied, "Now, let us be scientific. What do you mean by world'? Do you mean this planet, this solar system, the sidereal system, the universe, the cosmos, or what?"

In some surprise the boy hesitated. Then, with an embarrassed smile; he replied with an expressive wave of his hands, "I mean the whole shooting match."

I laughed and said, "That's not scientific, but it is very clear. You wish to know where the cosmos came from."

He said; "All right, if that's the word I want; where did the cosmos come from?"

"It was created."

"By whom, or by what?"

"By God," I replied.

"Who or what is God?" he asked.

I looked at him closely, to be sure he was really in earnest with this question. It was apparent that at least he thought he was thinking; and even that attitude on the part of a student is one to be encouraged. So I answered, "God is the Deity who made all things: You may call Him First Cause,' Logos,' Personified Power,' or whatever else you wish. The point is, behind the appearance of the cosmos there remains a Person who is the Author of all created things; He is Life Inherent."

"All right," he said, "I will pass that for a moment and ask this: Who made God?"'

"Nobody made God," I answered. "You are not being scientific in your language. I said that God was Life Inherent. In the universe there are but two types of life. Creature life is life that is transmitted. The life of Deity is life that is inherent, thus establishing by existence per se, a Creator. I said that He was self-existent, and there is no other term for an Infinity that is personified that is more expressive than Inherent Being. God always was, for there could be no beginning to Deity."

"Oh, come," he said, "I can't accept that, you know. It's not scientific:"

I said, "I am sorry you can't see that, but that's the best I can do. Now let me ask you some questions, to which I also wish a scientific answer. Where do you think the cosmos came from?"

"It was evolved."

"Out of what?"

"Out of a nebulous mass of gaseous matter."

Fortunately, I had read this same textbook; and so I was prepared to ask, "Where did this nebulous mass of gaseous matter come from?"

The young man frowned in puzzlement for a moment and said, "Oh, I guess you would say that was created."

"But I am through talking now; where do you say that it came from?"

"Well, I will concede that the original mass of vapor was created."

"By whom, or by what, was it created?"

"By Nature," he replied.

"Very well, then; what or who is Nature?" I asked.

He hesitated a moment and said, "Er, you know, Nature is there. By Nature I mean what I mean when I say Nature!"

I said, "I am afraid that is not very scientific nor clear. I do not know Nature. Just who is it?"

"Well, Nature is the first cause of everything, the primary beginning."

"Then who made Nature, and when did Nature begin?"

The lad flung open his hands in despair at our stupidity and said, "Nobody made Nature at any time; Nature always was!"

"I am sorry," I said. "I cannot accept that; it is not scientific!"

There we parted company, both of us having been talking about the same identical Person or Force under two different names. The man who thinks his way through the mechanics of creation will find, behind all created matter, a Personified Being of intelligence and power. This Being he calls God.

The man who is content to be superficial and only dimly grasps at the appearance of reason behind matter is content to say, "Nature," and pass on.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" (Gen. 1:1).

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