Why Does God Allow War?

Eminent writer and speaker Martyn Lloyd-Jones has tackled one of history's most difficult questions. It is a question that Christians and non-Christians alike have pondered. Yet the author gives some surprisingly simple answers. Shallow thinking has led many to assume that God is powerless to stop war, or that He is unconcerned about war's tragic results. Neither of these assumptions is true. We humans want to live in comfort and peace regardless of moral and spiritual degradation. But the New Testament proclaims that true peace comes only when one is in a proper relationship with God through Christ. Lloyd-Jones gives us three reasons why God permits war. First, "…God permits war in order that men may bear the consequences of their sins as punishment." Second, "God permits war so that men may more clearly see how terrible sin is." Third, "God permits war in order that it may lead us back to God."
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