Secrets of the Koran

Islamic spokesmen who communicate with Western sources picture Muslims as peace-loving peoples. A small percentage, they say, are radical Muslims who engage in terrorist activities against non-Muslims. However, Richardson says that is not the complete story. Using the Koran and other Islamic writings, the author shows that the heart of Islam is built on hatred for those who do not follow their faith. In countries where Islam controls the government, democracy does not exist. Of the 55 or so Muslim countries, not one has a democratic government. This philosophy traces all the way back to Mohammed himself who, when he was in control, ruled as a virtual dictator. Those who refused to convert to the Islamic faith were terribly persecuted or killed. Some Jews who were allowed to coexist with Islam were required to pay a heavy tax that Muslims did not have to pay. Richardson points out that women occupy a low estate in Muslim countries. Mohammed himself was a polygamist. He encouraged his followers to make sex slaves out of the women they captured. The author shows how Mohammed distorted Christian Scripture by claiming that the prophet of God must use the sword to make converts. Even though Mohammed grudgingly admitted that Mary, the mother of Jesus was a virgin, he stoutly denied that Jesus was the Son of God. One must not think that Richardson proposes a vendetta against Muslims. He believes that Christians should be armed with the facts about Islam in order to better witness to Muslims. Unlike Islam, Christianity is built on love-love for God and love for others.
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