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AMG Publishers

Courageous Faith: Life Lessons From Old Testament Heroes, Ed Hindson, 2003, 208 pages, $19.99, hardcover. A practical and powerful study based on the lives of the Hebrew heroes who dared to believe God keeps His promises.

Augsburg Fortress

Who Do You Say That I Am? 21st Century Preaching. Susan K. Hedahl, 2003, 95 pages, $9.99, softcover. Lutheran Voices Series.

BJU Press

Charting the Course, Pupil Personnel Services in the Christian School, 2nd Edition, James W. Deuink, 2003, 194 pages, $13.95, softcover. Dr. Deuink provides the Christian school an excellent resource on having an effective pupil personnel service program.

Broadman & Holman Publishers

The Advancement: Keeping the Faith in an Evolutionary Age, L. Russ Bush, 2003, 160 pages, $19.99, softcover. A unique Christian apologetic approaching Darwinian naturalism from a history-of-ideas perspective.

Common Grounds: Conversations About the Things That Matter Most, Ben Young and Glenn Lucke, 2003, 192 pages, $12.99, softcover. Essential Christian doctrine presented to help us understand who God is and how He chooses to reveal Himself to mankind.

Lewis Agonistes: How C. S. Lewis Can Train Us to Wrestle With the Modern & Postmodern World, Louis Markos, 2003, 192 pages, $19.99, softcover. Encourages and enables readers to become participants in what Markos terms the wrestling match of the 21st century.

Who Rules the Church? Examining Congregational Leadership and Church Government, Gerald P. Cowen, 2003, 160 pages, $19.99, softcover.  Answers popular questions about church government.

Holman Old Testament Commentary: Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, David George Moore and Daniel L. Akin, 2003, 367 pages, $19.99, hardcover. The latest volume in the Holman Old Testament Commentary Series.

The Blessing of God, Michael D. McMullen, editor, 2003, 400 pages, $24.99, hardcover. McMullen has compiled twenty-two previously unpublished sermons of Jonathan Edwards.

Eerdmans Publishing

The Consolations of God: Great Sermons of Phillips Brooks, Ellen Wilbur, editor, 2003, 141 pages, $18.00, softcover. Messages with illuminating expressions of faith that still retain a robust relevance for Christian life and spirituality.

Herald Press

The Dogmatic Imagination: the Dynamics of Christian Belief, A. James Reimer, 2003, 112 pages, $9.99, softcover. In these short, engaging essays, Reimer approaches the dogmas of the Christian faith with humor, insight, and imagination.

Homosexuality: Biblical Interpretation and Moral Discernment, Willard M. Swartley, 2003, 248 pages, $14.99, softcover. A look at Scripture and its teaching to the church on the current and controversial subject of homosexuality.

Howard Publishing

When God Answers Prayer, Bob Russell with Rusty Russell, 2003, 224 pages, $18.99, hardcover. This is an ideal book for both novice and seasoned prayer warriors.

InterVarsity Press

Discerning the Voice of Jesus: Discernment, Prayer and the Witness of the Spirit, Gordon T. Smith, 2003, 266 pages, $13.00, softcover. By learning to be attentive to the Spirit we will learn to hear and heed the voice of Jesus in everyday life.

By His Wounds We are Healed: Bringing Our Hurts to the Cross, Stephen Seamands, 2003, 184 pages, $12.00, softcover. Filled with real-life stories of people’s brokenness and healing, and offers comfort for wounded souls.

A Fragile Stone: The Emotional Life of Simon Peter, Michael Card, 2003, 200 pages, $17.00, hardcover. An exploration of the dynamic, contradictory life of the Apostle Peter.

Kregel Publications

The Kregel Pictorial Guide to the Tabernacle, Tim Dowley, 2002, 32 pages, $8.99, softcover. The newest addition to the popular series of Kregel introductory reference guides.

A Power Beyond Belief: the Continuing Work of the Holy Spirit in the 21st Century, Andy Cook, 2003, 206 pages, $11.99, softcover. Relive the power, promises, and practical truths of the Book of Acts.

Voices Behind the Veil: the World of Islam Through the Eyes of Women, Ergun Mehmet Caner, gen. ed., 2003, 218 pages, softcover. A groundbreaking book written by Christian women familiar with the world of Islam.

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Celebrate Jesus: the Stories Behind Your Favorite Praise and Worship Songs, Phil Christensen and Shari Macdonald, 2003, 165 pages, $12.99, softcover. Each story is unique, and tells about the amazing goodness of God as seen through the daily circumstances of life.

What Makes Life Worth Living, W. Phillip Keller, 2003, 160 pages, $10.99, softcover. We can live life to the fullest only when we know what makes life worth living.

When God Breaks Through, Vance Havner, edited by Dennis J. Hester, 2003, 142 pages, $10.99, softcover. Ten of the best sermons on revival by the most-quoted preacher of the 20th century.

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Pleasant Word (a Division of Winepress Publishing)

The Last Days Calendar: Understanding God’s Appointed Times, Steven L. Sherman, 2003, 238 pages, $15.99, softcover. Last -days prophecy from a Jewish believer’s perspective.


Rumors of Another World: What on Earth Are We Missing? Philip Yancey, 2003, 262 pages, $22.99, hardcover. Thought-provoking book on how the supernatural and natural worlds coexist.

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