From the Microscope to the Telescope

by Bill Chapman

What lies between the microscope and the telescope? The answer is, that which can be seen with the naked eye—the naked eye being the eye of the natural man of 1 Corinthians 2:14. The naked eye must have the microscope to view the wonders of the micro world and must have the telescope to see the regions beyond known as outer space. The naked eye must have the aid of these two instruments to probe the unseen physical worlds of the natural man. Mankind has profited greatly because of these two great instruments.

However, even with these instruments the natural (unsaved) man cannot see spiritual things. The Lord Jesus says in John 3:3, 7 that in order for a man to see the Kingdom of God, that man must be born again. John the Baptist says in John 3:36 “And he that believeth not the Son (the Lord Jesus) shall not see life” (i.e., everlasting life).

Just as the natural man has the naked eye, the spiritual (saved) man has the eye of faith (see Heb. 11:1-40). Just as the natural eye of the natural man is aided by the microscope and telescope, the eye of faith of the spiritual man is aided by the Scriptures and the Spirit, enabling him to see “the deep things of God” (1 Cor. 2:9,10). Make no mistake about it, whenever and wherever the Word of God is preached, faith will always show up (Rom. 10:17).

The more believers are involved with the Scriptures and the Spirit (facts and fire), the more they are able to see what sovereign God has for His children. How far can you see by the eye of faith? The answer to that question depends on your commitment to God’s Word and God’s Spirit.

The Proclaimer, April, 2003
Bill Chapman Evangelistic Association
Sylva, North Carolina

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