The Homeschooler's Guide to…

by Glen H. Jones

Those involved in the growing home schooling movement have a new resource to assist in meeting the educational, social, and financial needs of their students. The reader will find an informative chapter on testing—what needs to be tested and how to utilize the test results. Learning styles inventories will enable the teacher (parent) to identify the child’s learning style (visual, auditory, or kinesthetic).

Some parents will find the chapter on home-based businesses helpful. The author provides suggestions on the types of home-based businesses and the expertise needed to succeed. Caruana also suggests pitfalls to avoid if one is to make the business a success.

Parents who decide to enroll their children in traditional school after home schooling will find the chapter “High School and College Entrance” helpful. The parent will want to visit the prospective school, investigate its facilities and programs, and then ask plenty of questions. Some parents may want to continue their child’s high school education through a trade school or an Internet school. Both require careful investigation.

The author also includes chapters on special-needs students, music education, and study skills. Those in the military will find a chapter devoted to educating children in military-sponsored schools.

Two sample inventories are included: a learning styles inventory and a spiritual gifts inventory. The former helps parents identify their child’s strongest learning style. The latter is to help the child utilize the spiritual gifts that God has given him.

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