VBS Planning Guide

Six months before: • Set the dates for VBS • Announce dates to congregation • Plan your long-term preparation
Four months before: • Conduct meeting of VBS leadership for brainstorming • Evaluate potential attendance by age groups • Order your VBS materials
Three months before: • Inform congregation about staffing needs • Distribute teacher materials • Assemble registration list
Two months before: • Begin early registration of the children in the church • Develop your daily schedule for VBS • Promote VBS to the congregation • Begin announcing VBS to community • Fill teaching staff positions • Staff training
One month before: • Maintain list of registered students • Stay alert to needs for staffing adjustents
One week before: • Make any final needed adjustment to classroom space • Make sure your materials available matches the student count • Provide teachers with current info about their classes • Decorations • Prepare parent packets
Last Day before: • Last-minute check of supplies (are the pencils sharpened?) • Final room preparation
First Day • Arrive early-take time for prayer • Celebrate the opportunities to witness • Watch for rough spots needed adjustment • After the children leave, brief staff meeting to catch loose ends
Week after VBS: • Mail Thank Yous to all your staff • Collect and process evaluations from staff • Do a photo display for the church • Follow-up with Sunday school teachers a list of those who are prospects [Especially those not affiliated with any church] • Collect unused materials and share them with a mission church • Complete financial summary
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