A Challenge to Assist the Olympics

by AMG Staff

In 2003, three short-term mission teams from West Park Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee, traveled to Athens, Greece, to work at AMG International's Cosmovision Center (CVC). The CVC will be the hub of evangelistic activities during the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004. Because the evangelical Christian community represents only .02% of the population of Greece, Christian leaders are looking to believers from all over the world to help with the enormous evangelistic opportunities the Games will provide.
While in Greece, the West Park teams saw a need for transportation at the Cosmovision Center, and they decided to do something about it. They are challenging other churches to get involved also.
The following is a letter that came from Pastor Jack Underwood with West Park's first donation:
"The teams from our congregation really enjoyed our visits to the Cosmovision Center last summer. The incredible potential of the center to reach many Greeks for Christ is obvious to many. The hospitality that was demonstrated to all the various teams by your families and the staff was also appreciated!
"One of the vital needs that came to our attention was the necessity for reliable ground transportation. With the Olympics almost upon us, this need becomes even more crucial. The cost of a new or good used passenger van is, no doubt, not something that is in your budget with all the other construction needs that are time-sensitive. However, we were wondering if some of the churches that have seen the potential of the Cosmovision Center might be able to partner together to assist in the purchase of a good passenger van. God's resources can go much farther when we all are willing to share the financial load. Because we are the congregation that is making this suggestion, we wanted to "put our money where our mouth is" with an initial gift of $5,000 toward this need. It is our prayer that this project might find favor with the other fine churches that God is already using to make the Cosmovision Center a reality.
May God's richest blessings be upon you, your wonderful families, and your staff as the Flame 2004 project unfolds!"
AMG is thankful to West Park for "getting the ball rolling" toward the purchase of a van. Such a vehicle will be invaluable for transporting short-term teams and carrying evangelistic materials to distribution points before and during the Games.
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