Joined Together (How to Build a Lasting Marriage)

by Glen H. Jones

This wife-husband team, who have been married for over fifty years, have pooled their knowledge to give couples inspiration and hope in their marriage venture. Using husband-wife couples from the scriptural account, they draw timely lessons for Christian couples. Contemporary Christian leaders have written a brief introduction for each of the twelve chapters.

A listing of each chapter title and the practical lesson it teaches will show the wide range of character traits which can be cultivated. Isaac and Rebecca-learning communication; Jacob and Rachel-leaning contentment; Adam and Eve-learning to live after the honeymoon; Aquila and Priscilla-learning to work together; Xerxes and Esther-learning to live with minimal choices; Samson and Delilah-learning from bad choices; David and Bathsheba-learning to pick up the pieces; Boaz and Ruth, learning to love and support each other; Joseph and Mary-learning to share unconditional trust; Zechariah and Elizabeth-learning to reflect companionship; Ananias and Sapphira-learning to be honest with God and each other; and Abraham and Sarah-learning live with problems.

From the list of couples selected one can see that some had sterling character, others had questionable character and others had undesirable character. But the authors stress that one's circumstances should not govern his or her conduct. Character comes from within; there the choices for good or bad are made.

At the conclusion of each chapter, the authors encourage the reader to record his/her reactions in a journal. Then they offer suggestions for strengthening one's marriage.

Glen H. Jones

Target: Married couples

Type: Marriage counseling

Take: Recommended

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