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Reader Asks About Our Stand on Creation

Does Pulpit Helps have a stand on evolution, creation, the age of the earth, global flood and the like?

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Pr. Bob Snitzer

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Dear Pastor Bob (and anyone else who has an interest in the question and our answer):

Indeed we do have a stand on these fundamental issues. We will give you a quick answer and a trifle longer answer: the short response is: We believe the Bible. And in this context, that means we specifically believe the opening chapters of Genesis.

So, no, we do not believe in evolution-though we do believe in incremental adaptations within species-or more accurately, what the Bible describes as "kinds." Dogs are always dogs, whether Pekinese or Mastiff. They do not become cats, or mice, or men.

We hold firmly to the "young Earth" scenario, as it is the only one consistent with the Bible. As to the geologic column, with its implied "billions" of years, someone has well said: "Little water, long time; much water, short time." The Flood-which had to be universal, if it "covered the mountains"-provided immense volumes of water, and water which in all probability, was violently moving. Interestingly, the eruption of Mt. St. Helens not many years ago, with the subsequent hydraulic sculpting of the Toutle River channel, has given us a small sample of the powerful forces which created the mighty Grand Canyon of the Colorado River [for example].

Frankly, we insist that the Bible must be either God's word, or a hodge-podge of man's work. It cannot be both. The Bible claims inspiration for itself (2 Tim. 3:16), and who are we to argue with God?

We also believe, with Answers in Genesis <<![if !supportNestedAnchors]><![endif]>> that "the major reason America (and the West) is losing its Christian influence and worldview is because the church gave up the authority of the Word, beginning in Genesis-and thus gave up the biblical basis for absolutes in the culture."

Thanks for the opportunity to let you know.

The Editors

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Column Generates Questions

Terry [Wilhite], I loved your top 10 tips for PowerPoint ("Top 10 Tips for Power Point," page 14, January issue). We are a small church that is working on purchasing a projector for Sunday morning use. I have a couple of questions that you might be able to answer.

1. Because of the size of our auditorium, (approx. 30 X 40 feet from the front of the screen, and the ceiling being between 12 & 14 feet), is it possible to use PowerPoint in a widescreen format without stretching the pictures and words? Or is there similar software that would have that function?

2. I have seen that Sunday Plus requires you to have a dual video card that enables you to edit and preview slides while running the projector at the same time. Does PowerPoint have that option also?

  3. Is there a good site on the Web or other place to get some good background graphics (not pics)? PowerPoint is limited in what they have and there really isn't a good one for church use. I have checked their site but have not found any backgrounds. We have rented a projector a few times from the local library and the congregation, both young and old really like it and are eager to use one every Sunday. I have used nature pictures from MS design gallery on the Web for use behind lyrics. They do have some that work really well. I have also taken some of the pics from there and darkened them up a little because it would conflict with the type.

Pastor Dave Eden

  First Baptist Church

  Bushnell, IL

(used with permission)

Editor's note: Getting responses like this is one of Terry Wilhite's chief reasons for writing his "Communications Toolbox" column. If you would like to put questions to Terry, his email address is


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