What Makes Life Worth Living

by Glen H. Jones

Veteran writer W. Phillip Keller, author of A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23, offers his advice on healthful, contented Christian living, gleaned from over seven-five years of service. He talks about knowing God intimately, first-hand, not as a philosophy, but as a way of life. This deep-seated commitment to Christ allows a believer to discriminate between what is ephemeral and what is everlasting.

The titles of a few selected chapters from his book give us an indication of the scope of the author's advice: "The Honor of Honest Work," "Other-Caring, Giving, Encouraging," "Relish the Beauty Around You," "Friends Found in Great Books," "The Acceptance of Adversity in Humility," and "Stillness, Solitude, Serenity."

Keller's thesis can be summarized in his own words: "It is no small honor to know the compelling call of Christ. To respond to His call, relinquishing all other claims to one's life, demands drastic decisions of self-abandonment to His wishes and to His supreme will. But that is the path of inner peace" (p.12).

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