A Church Building for $2,000?

by Larry Malone

That's impossible, you say? Yes, perhaps, in America-but very possible in many third world countries such as Indonesia, India, the Philippines, and Bangladesh.

Scores of church buildings have been constructed in Indonesia for just $2,000 when the congregations pitch in and do the labor. Several church planters there have received that amount of money from generous Christians abroad, and what a blessing this has proven to be in this overwhelmingly Muslim country!

One pastor from a church in the eastern part of the United States, with less than one hundred members, urged his church to accept this challenge. The congregation became so excited to be involved in missions in this way that they soon raised enough to put up a building.

But then the pastor, now in his seventies, shared with one of the managers of the local Lowe's store that his small church was erecting a church structure in Indonesia for only $2,000-and he was thrilled to see God touch the heart of this businessman. "If a church can be built for $2,000, then I'll send a check to your church and you can include it with the money you send to AMG so that another church can be built," he exclaimed. And he did!

Today Indonesia is in the midst of a real economic depression. Jobs are hard to find and wages are low. Most Indonesians have to grow a portion of their own food. Besides this, many Indonesian Christians have been subjected to intense persecution. More than six thousand have lost their lives and several thousand more have had to flee their homes and all they possessed. Some churches have lost their houses of worship to fire. But praise God, by and large they are remaining true to the Lord.

Each year graduates of AMG's seminary in Indonesia go out to witness for the Lord Jesus Christ and start new congregations, in spite of the suffering and ridicule they face. Imagine how blessed they must feel when some generous person or group contributes enough for them to construct a place of worship for the new believers they have brought to Christ.

Not only will the church planters rejoice, but so will the good stewards who provide the funds-and not only in this life but also when the time comes to bow the knee and give account before the Lord (Rom. 14:12).

Larry Malone is manager of international ministries for AMG International.

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