While America Slumbered

by Ted Kyle

We have all witnessed the tragic succession of mileposts on our nation's descent into spiritual darkness. And now a stunning new victory is being claimed by homosexual activists, who feel the battle over same-sex marriage is all but won.

Will they succeed in convincing the nation that homosexual "marriage" is a fundamental right? Only God knows, at this juncture. The battle flows back and forth: In Oregon, where hundreds of gay couples have been "married" in Multnomah County, that county was joined by a second county in disregarding the state attorney general's legal opinion that the marriages are illegal. Meanwhile, San Francisco was put under a court order to cease issuing same-sex licenses, and jurisdictions in New Mexico, New Jersey and New York also stopped issuing them, after state officials threatened legal action.

The issue, soon or late, will be up to the courts-and the courts have not looked kindly at traditional Christian values.

In fact, the courts-together with liberal mass media-are largely credited with the virtual collapse of traditional marriage in Scandinavia. A World magazine article by Gene Edward Veith (Mar. 6, '04, page 22) notes that Scandinavian nations, as a rule, are about a decade farther down sin's slippery slope than America. Veith quotes Stanley Kurtz, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution: "marriage has already all but disappeared" in these nations.

Sweden was the first country in Europe to legalize homosexual unions, in 1989. Denmark and Norway followed not long after. As is happening now in the U.S., the homosexuals organized a determined-and successful-campaign to gain the right to marriage. However, now that they have driven the traditionalists from the field, most gays and lesbians show little interest in marriage. Their real goal, according to Kurtz, was not marriage but social approval for homosexuality. To achieve it, they virtually destroyed marriage.

It is worthy of notice that in Norway, the state Lutheran Church opposed gay marriage as well as cohabitation and having children out of wedlock. The liberal media used ridicule and venom to poison the popular mind-set; while biased judges interpreted laws their way. And when the dust settled, Veith noted, "the liberal pro-gay and cohabitation theologians, who were once in a minority, took over the leadership of the church."

Compare Scandinavia's fate with the present situation in America, where a stampede of lawless magistrates "are writing a new book of Judges and Mayors,'" according to Marvin Olasky, World's editor in chief.

So: what shall we do? God will not forgive us if we remain silent and allow this to come to pass unchallenged in America!

If there remains an opportunity for the church and for all right-thinking Americans to have their voices count for something, THAT TIME IS NOW! President Bush has endorsed a drive to amend the Constitution to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Bravo!

But so much more must happen, if this vital safeguard is to be erected in defense of the family. It must successfully pass through both chambers of the U.S. Congress by a two-thirds majority, must be signed by the president, and then must be adopted by a three-fourths majority of states. It will be a bitter battle-one in which Christians and traditionalists will be attacked as homophobes, as hate-mongers, as those who would deny equality and justice. We will be vilified. We will be ridiculed. We will be made to appear as the enemy.

This is a time for soldiers of Christ to put on their spiritual armor-the breastplate of righteousness, the body armor of truth, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation, and particularly "the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God" (Eph. 6:14-17). This is a time to stand fast upon the Word of God. It is a time to proclaim truth-politically incorrect Truth-from our pulpits.

Above all, it is a time for prayer! Pray, and work for the passage of a constitutional amendment to shore up the family in America!

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