The Homosexual Agenda (Exposing the Principal Threat to Religious Freedom Today)

by Glen H. Jones

Homosexual groups are working actively to change the face of American society. These activists want homosexuality to be the accepted life style; they want anyone who speaks against homosexuality to be ostracized as a religious bigot and a lawbreaker.

The authors list several key strategies of homosexuals to attain their goals: "Talk about Gay and Gayness as Loudly and Often as Possible," "Portray Gays as Victims, Not Aggressive Challengers," "Give Homosexual Protectors a ‘Just' Cause," "Make Gays Look Good," "Make the Victimizers Look Bad," "Solicit Funds: the Buck Stops Here."

To attain these goals, homosexual activists have worked through the entertainment industry, through the courts, through sympathetic politicians, through America's largest corporations, through liberal clergy, and through some professing evangelicals such as Tony and Peggy Campolo.

Those who oppose the homosexual agenda are attacked as mean-spirited and bigoted right-wing radicals. Even to state objections to homosexual activity is to be called narrow minded and out of date with modern thought. One organization that has resisted homosexual infiltration-the Boy Scouts of America-has been scurrilously attacked. Homosexuals have repeatedly tried to have funding withheld from BSA.

Where do we go from here? How are Christians to react to the wholesale onslaught against biblical teaching and a mobilized acceptance of immoral behavior? The authors believe that Christians should treat individual homosexuals with respect, but at the same time reject the homosexual lifestyle and agenda. When Christian beliefs are vilified or mocked, believers should speak out and complain. Parents should call to task any school that promotes homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle. And we need to carefully examine the stated beliefs of those who are running for political office, for these are the ones who can formulate laws for good or evil.

Believers who are concerned about moral decline should read this book.

Target: All

Take: Exposé

Type: Take: Highly recommended

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