8 Choices That Will Change a Woman's Life

by A. Karen Davis

Jill Briscoe offers women an inviting study of guidelines for Christian behavior that spring from the Book of James.  She offers hope of authentic Christianity to us if we choose to avoid Satan's traps. The eight traps are M & Ms:  money, mouth, minute, morality, ministry, misery, mystical traps, and me.

In the chapter, "To Resist Pain or Use it," she explains that the devil baits his "me" trap with promises that we have an inalienable right to be happy, healthy, and loved by everyone. On the other hand, James 1:2 suggests we should welcome pain as a friend, telling us to count trials as "pure joy." Jill Briscoe tells of her conversion to Christ because of her first stay in the hospital.

Each chapter concludes with a compelling Bible study. Notice the practical depth offered in the two-page study guide for the "me" trap. Briscoe writes, "There are two extremes: avoid pain and embrace pleasure, or avoid pleasure and embrace pain. Where is the balance for the Christian? Explain." She asks that we share the experience of God that came through sorrow. The Bible study asks what selected verses show about people in need, and then asks the reader what their counterparts are in our society. The study ends with a call to prayer. 

Chapter topics include: the superiority of grace over wealth, the joy of a wise tongue, and wisdom in using one's spiritual gifts. In each chapter, she carefully paints word pictures of choices between a godly and a worldly life. She artfully uses explanation, Scripture, personal experience, poetry, and much more. 

8 Choices that Will Change a Woman's Life offers a powerfully written, superior book for individual reading or a small group women's Bible study.                                                                                                                                                          

Target:   Women

Type:     Devotional

Take:      Highly recommended

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