Discipleship Counseling

by Glen H. Jones

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In Part 1, Anderson shows that Christian discipleship counseling involves an understanding of the spiritual conflict that rages between the forces of evil and the forces of God. This battle is fought primarily in the mind. Unregenerate mind conflicts with the revealed Word of God. The believer is encouraged to let the mind of Christ be in us. Christian counseling begins with an understanding of sinful self that has rebelled against God. Coming to terms with the living God restores our rightful minds and allows us to see ourselves as God sees us.

The Christian counselor must show the counselee that as a child of God the battle for spiritual victory is not his or hers alone. We have a greater Power within who helps us defeat the forces of evil. Children of God are the special concern of the heavenly Father. Becoming like God is the believer's goal in life.

In Part 2, the author gives rather comprehensive instructions for dealing with false guidance, deception, bitterness, rebellion, pride, habitual sins, and ancestral sins. Though that seems quite a daunting list of spiritual problems to deal with, the author states: "Discipleship counseling does not require the exercise of any special gifts; instead, it requires dependence on God, Christ-like character, and the ability to apply truth." That, of course, implies that the counselor is thoroughly versed in Scriptural truths.

In the final chapter, the author outlines how to set up a Christian counseling ministry in the local church, including guidelines for administrator and counselors.

Target: Christian counselors

Type: Counseling

Take: Highly recommended

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