A Power Beyond Belief

by Glen H. Jones

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The works of the Holy Spirit that are recorded in Scripture continue today. Pastor Cook writes encouragingly and convincingly to challenge the hearts of believers who may not recognize the untapped power available through the Holy Spirit.

Taking most of his texts from the book of Acts, Andy Cook points out how God energized the early church in times of persecution, discouragement, and sometimes despair. He drives home his point by poignant anecdotes from contemporary life. For example, he tells of a ten-year old cancer-stricken boy whom President Bush allowed to be "president for a day." The Lord God has allowed us, the author notes, to possess His unlimited power. We believers, like that ten-year old, have very little spiritual power except that which is bestowed upon us from above.

Cook points out that throughout the ages, even today, people have misguided ideas about the Holy Spirit. God's Spirit is not given for personal convenience and gain, but He is given to believers in order to further the gospel message and to bring glory to God.

In another commentary, based on Demetrius' opposition (Acts 19:23ff), Cook observes that serving God does not always please everyone. When the power of the Holy Spirit is evident, unbelievers may react violently against the supposed offender.

The concluding message of this book is that those who earnestly desire to follow the Lord Jesus Christ today have the same Holy Spirit to guide and empower them. Absolute surrender to His leadership brings glory to God.

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Target: All

Type: Discipleship

Take: Highly recommended

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