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Baker Books

Preaching the Parables: From Responsible Interpretation to Powerful Proclamation, Craig L. Blomberg, 2004, 251 pages, $16.99, softcover.

Preaching to a Shifting Culture: 12 Perspectives on Communicating that Connects, Scott M. Gibson, 2004, 192 pages, $14.99, softcover. One-of-a-kind collection of church leaders' insights in the fields of worship and preaching.

Concordia Publishing

Love, Joy, Peace, Lane Burgland, 2004, 87 pages, $6.99, softcover. From the Fruit of the Spirit Series.

When God Becomes My Enemy: the Theology of the Complaint Psalms, Ingvar Floysvik, 2004, 206 pages, $20.99, softcover. A study of the theology in a particular group of psalms within the Hebrew Psalter.

Eerdmans Publishing

Evangelism in the Early Church, Michael Green, 2004, 474 pages, $25.00, softcover. A comprehensive look at the ways the first Christians, from the NT period up until the middle of the third century, worked to spread the good news to the rest of the world.

I Believe in the Holy Spirit, Michael Green, 2004, 350 pages, $20.00, softcover. Traces the doctrine of the Holy Spirit through the Bible, and addresses the dynamic ongoing work of the Spirit in today's church and world.

Harvest House

Becoming Gods: a Closer Look at 21st-Century Mormonism, Richard Abanes, 2004, 463 pages, $14.99, softcover. Shows how to weigh Mormonism's ever-changing claims, and includes a response from Mormon apologist Daniel C. Peterson.

Howard Publishing Co.

Transform Your Game: 9 Fundamentals of Golf That Will Change Your Life, Roger and Becky Tirabassi, 2004, 90 pages, $13.99, hardcover. The Tirabassis use the language of golf to help others find the courage and roadmap to change any area of their lives for the better.

InterVarsity Press

God's Neighborhood: a Hopeful Journey in Racial Reconciliation and Community Renewal, Scott Roley & James Isaac Elliott, 2004, 216 pages, $14.00, softcover. Concrete examples of what Christians can do to have a positive impact on their communities and neighborhoods.

The Gospel Code: Novel Claims About Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Da Vinci, Ben Witherington, III, 2004, 208 pages, $15.00, softcover. Unravels the mistakes made by Brown as the author exposes the historical errors of The Da Vinci Code.

Naming the Elephant: Worldview as a Concept, James W. Sire, 2004, 163 pages, $14.00, softcover. An excellent resource for all who want to explore more deeply how and why worldview thinking can aid us in navigating our pluralistic universe.

Serious Times: a Life that Matters in an Urgent Day, James Emery White, 2004, 192 pages, $17.00, hardcover. White looks at our present serious times, lays out what it looks like to live a serious life today, and challenges us to action.

Kregel Publications

More Than Meets the Eye: Encountering God Where We Least Expect to Find Him, Dennis E. Hensley, 2004, 158 pages, $10.99, softcover. Using experiences and events from lives like yours, Hensley pulls back the curtain to reveal an extraordinary God-doing so much more than meets the eye.

The Tabernacle: Camping with God, Stephen F. Olford, 2004, 156 pages, $11.99, softcover. Invites the reader to step into the world of the Children of Israel, and see the Tabernacle through the eyes of God's chosen people.

The Bible: James Moffatt Translation , 2004 reissue, 489 pages, $51.99, hardcover.

Monarch Books

God's Lavish Grace, Terry Virgo, 2004, 190 pages, $11.99, softcover. A survey of the impact and outworking of God's grace in the life of the believer that will revitalize the most threadbare faith.

Thomas Nelson Publishers

Called to Be God's Leader: How God Prepares His Servants for Spiritual Leadership, Henry Blackaby and Richard Blackaby, 2004, 210 pages, $19.99, hardcover. Lessons from the life of Joshua.


From Success to Significance: When the Pursuit of Success Isn't Enough, Lloyd Reeb, 2004, 198 pages, $16.99, hardcover. Encourages readers to look back on the lessons and accomplishments of the first half of life, reflect on what will really matter in the long run, and then redirect their lives for the second half.

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