The Person God Uses

by Franklin L. Kirksey

God desires to use men, women, boys, and girls who willingly make themselves available to Him. And within the heart of almost every believer there is a craving to be used of God

In his book, Helps to Holiness, Samuel Logan Brengle recounts a conversation with a Christian merchant illustrating why God cannot use everyone who cries out to be used by Him. The merchant shared with Brengle that many people sought employment in his business, but he could not hire them because they were not qualified. The merchant explained that in a similar way the reason God cannot use some people is that they are not "humble, or teachable, or holy." The key is not to pray that the Lord will use us, but to pray that He will make us useable.

Henry and Tom Blackaby make the following inspirational statement in their best selling book titled The Man God Uses: "One man submitted to God can impact a whole country. A single person can impact an entire campus. One inmate can radically change the whole prison. One child can influence a whole family. One humble obedient life can change an entire church."

It is availability more than ability and it is attitude more that aptitude that God uses.

King David was "a man after God's own heart." (Acts 13:22) In Psalm 37:3-5 he gives inspired advice on how to be a man or a woman that God uses.

First, depend on the Lord (v. 3). Proverbs 3:5 reminds us to "trust in the Lord with all of [our] heart." This is a trusting dependence, not merely positive thinking.

Second, delight in the Lord (v. 4). This delight refers to our affections, aims, and actions. C. Sumner Wemp shares on his Website [] that his mother taught him early in his life to observe people. After over 50 years of ministry, he concludes that those who are genuinely used by God are those who delight in the Lord. Wemp further explains that to delight in the Lord "means to get your thrills, get your joy, get your life, in the Lord. Get all excited about sharing the gospel and getting people to heaven instead of hell."

Third, defer to the Lord (v. 5). Those who are greatly used by God "commit [their] way to the Lord." Literally they defer to Him. A chorus titled "His Way, Mine" is a wonderful testimony of one that defers to the Lord. 

May God fill your life and may you become someone God uses!

© 2004. All Rights Reserved
Previously published in The Call News
Used with permission of the author.
Dr. Kirksey pastors Tibbie Baptist Church
in Tibbie, Alabama

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