Man to Man, Becoming the Believer God Called You to Be

by Glen H. Jones

Do you want to become an overcoming disciple? Do you long for victory over the world, the flesh, and the devil? This book won't give you all that, but it will offer some helpful suggestions for the journey toward spiritual victory.

Accomplished writer Dennis E. Hensley explains several missteps to avoid and proper steps to take with one's walk with God. In 31 short chapters the author illuminates the spiritual journey with lively anecdotes, followed by related Scriptural verses and questions for further thought. This book can be used as an individual or group study.

A few of the chapter titles will reveal questions that haunt many believers: "Prayers for the Sick: Why They Are and Sometimes Aren't Answered;" "You Are What You Eat" (spiritual food); "The Apostle John's ‘Ten Most Wanted' List;" "I Can Read You Like a Book" (others watch our lives); "Tracing Your Spiritual Genealogy" (we owe much to those who lead us to Christ); and "Dropping a Biblical Plumb Line" (God expects us to be honest and upright).

One will find this book easy to read. Its lessons are presented in a lively manner, but its implications are quite serious.

Target: All

Type: Spiritual growth

Take: Highly recommended

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