Becoming a Healthy Disciple (10 Traits of a Vital Christian)

by Glen H. Jones

Too many of us have difficulty living the abundant life. And too often we fail to utilize the principles laid down in Scripture that guide us into the Spirit-controlled life. Stephen A. Macchia has given us clarifying principles that lead to the life that Christ intended for all believers to experience.

These ten traits characterize a healthy Christian:

"Experience God's Empowering Presence." The Holy Spirit is the empowering presence for our lives.

"Engages in God-Exalting Worship." Meeting with other Christians to worship God helps identify a true believer.

"Practices the Spiritual Disciplines." The Spirit-controlled believer engages in prayer, Bible study, and meditation.

"Learns and Grows in Community." Loving and caring for other believers is a vital ingredient of the Christian life.

"Commits to Loving and Caring Relationships." The true believer cares for those in the community and in the workplace.

"Exhibits Christ-like Servanthood." The vital believer seeks to serve others, not to be served.

"Shares the Love of Christ Generously." Like the Lord Jesus, the energized believer uses every opportunity to share the gospel with those who are unsaved.

"Manages Life Wisely and Accountably." The committed disciple sets spiritual goals for himself and establishes relationships that will hold him accountable for working toward those goals.

"Networks with the Body of Christ." Believers work with believers from other churches in prayer, worship, and service.

"Stewards a Life of Abundance." The committed believer uses his resources to advance the work of Christ.

Target: All

Type: Christian life

Take: Highly recommended

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