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Panel Invited to Air Issues

I just read [Bob Dasal's] editorial in the September issue ["Christianity and Politics: How Christianity Affects Political Decisions!"]. Thanks for your comments!

We are hosting a "Biblical Perspectives Forum" in October at our church called "Your Bible, Your Ballot: Taking Your Faith into the Voting Booth."  We've invited four prominent political figures from our area (all of whom are known for their Christian commitment and their church involvement) to address the issues you've mentioned in your editorial.

Interestingly enough, two of the participants are Democrats, one is a Republican, and the other is a conservative Independent. I sincerely want to learn how they handle their moral and spiritual convictions alongside their party loyalty. Should be interesting...and I hope challenging to our church members, whom I want to encourage to think before they vote.

Richard Doebler
Cloquet Gospel Tabernacle
Cloquet, Minnesota

Ed's note: it's not too late to jump on this bandwagon!

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Reluctantly Lets Subscription Lapse

I have been pastoring for 54 years and am still pastoring but have had to scale down at my age. I am 81 years of age.  Along with my scaling down I have had to take less salary from a smaller church. Consequently it has become necessary that I not continue some of the subscriptions that I have cherished through the years.

Your paper has been a blessing to me in many ways. I have used material in bulletins from it—those items that you made clear it was permissible to use. I have enjoyed the sermons of various old timers as well as today's dedicated servants of the  Lord.

I got my "Final Notice" this week, which I thoroughly understand. Let me be perfectly clear that I am not asking for something for nothing. I know it costs money to print, mail, and edit a paper like yours. You need subscriptions to operate. Just did not want to close out without expressing appreciation for what your paper has meant to me. I hope the option is not gone to continue the paper at a later date.


G. H. Gordon, pastor
Pear Orchard Baptist Church
Jackson, Miss

Ed's note: Of course your option to renew is open—and we hope at some point you will be able to take advantage of it. We hate to lose good friends like you!

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