Standing for Light and Truth

by Glen H. Jones

Adrian Rogers, faithful minister of the Word, presents a series of sermons that are both inspirational and instructional. Six of the sermons present Christ as Light; the remaining five picture the Lord Jesus as Truth. The Lord Jesus Christ embodies the unfailing Light, the constant, unchanging Light that brings salvation. This Light sustains believers who experience disappointment, sorrow, and opposition. He is the Light at the end of the tunnel of seeming dead ends. Not only does He bring salvation, but also He is the Light for the Christian walk. His perfect life shows us the way to spiritual victory; and when we fail He cleanses us and restores us to the perfect way. Jesus the Light brings sonship (salvation) and fellowship (Christian walk). Even the unsaved have some light. Those who reject the light they have do so at their eternal peril. One who turns from the light he has will walk into greater darkness. Jesus Christ also embodies Truth. He claimed to be Truth incarnate. This record of Truth resides in the Bible, the inspired Word of God. Its claims are trustworthy and have been authenticated by His resurrection from the dead. Genesis to Revelation unfolds the story of God's Truth, the Messiah, Jesus Christ. The truth of the gospel record tells us that God loves us even though we all have gone astray. Despite humanity's rebellion, God offers forgiveness through the life and work of Christ.
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