A Handbook for Parents in Ministry (Training Up a Child While Answering the Call)

by Glen H. Jones

Dorothy Kelley Patterson and Armour Patterson, wife and son of noted pastor and seminary president Paige Patterson, have collaborated to produce a manual for parents who are in full-time ministry. Both authors emphasize that children are gifts from God and that parents have a solemn responsibility to pass along the Christian faith to their offspring. Scripture is the primary textbook for Christian child rearing. Full-time ministers may be tempted to think of their calling as their primary responsibility. That, however, is a mistake. A minister's first calling is to love his spouse and to discipline and train his children. Both husband and wife must teach their children to honor their father and mother. Father and mother are to provide spiritual role models for their children, as spiritual values in one's children are more often caught than taught. Each stage of a child's grown presents unique challenges and opportunities for the parents. Parents in ministry are no exception. Parents are primarily responsible for the child's health, education, and social development-and must establish this with each child's teacher. Adolescence often presents traumatic challenges. Parents must instruct their children about drugs, alcohol, and wrong sexual choices. Christian parents must not take for granted that their children will do the right thing after they have been warned once. Frequent loving instruction produces better results than constant nagging. The authors also discuss how to handle conflicts with curfews, dating, and other house rules. Dorothy and Armour present seven sacred principles for the Christ-honoring home: truth, love, honor, courage, protection, faithfulness, and loyalty. These seven principles offer a challenging agenda for rearing children in a ministerial home.
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