Empowering Kingdom Growth, the Heartbeat of God

by Gayle Pearson

The book begins with two powerful questions: What is the Kingdom of God and what does it mean to be a Kingdom person? Hemphill first looks at the Kingdom from an Old Testament perspective and then from a New Testament perspective. He says the great theme of the Kingdom in both the OT and the NT is that all people would be drawn to God. The growth he refers to is not so much about numerical growth as spiritual growth, resulting in a radical transformation in the lives of God's people when they understand what His Kingdom is all about. He writes about the many great, but simply stated, New Testament Kingdom truths and insights from the Beatitudes, The Lord's Prayer, Kingdom Parables (Matt 24 & 25), the Book of Acts, and more. These truths will make you take an in-depth look at what it means to be a Kingdom person. Kingdom principles are not for the unsaved, but for those who have repented of their sins and received Christ as their Savior. The six sections of the book are: A King and His People, A King and His Purpose, His Kingdom Comes, His Kingdom Is, His Kingdom Lives, His Kingdom Never Ends. Thought-provoking questions are at the end of each of the book's thirty chapters. This book thus lends itself well to either a group study or a personal devotional.
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