The Desire of All Nations

by Ted Kyle

"And I will shake all nations and the desire of all nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith the Lord of hosts" (Hag.2:7).

This passage is obviously messianic. The "desire of all nations" in this context can be none other than the Lord Jesus Christ.

But it seems strange that the prophet called God's Son "the desire of all nations." Was it so in Haggai's day? Is it so in our day?

The answer would seem to be a resounding "No!" in both cases. The "nations" had no use for our Lord. They regarded Him, in His own day and in our day, as "an opiate of the people," a disturber of kings and "the old ways," and a negligible prophet, to be easily bypassed.

Yet the Bible calls Him "the desire of all nations"-and the Bible never lies. Is the prophecy to be understood in a future sense, then? This does not accord well with the wording of the text. "The desire of all nations shall come" indicates the "Desire" comes in fulfillment of a universal yearning. Yet our Bible declares that Jesus will return at a time when virtually the whole world stands against little Israel, and evil is on the verge of final victory.

How are we to pull these disparate elements together? If the statement is true, yet appears false, obviously we are missing something-something important. We must dig deeper.

Going beyond the surface wants, what is the ultimate desire of all peoples everywhere? Is it not peace with God? Is this not the foundation of every religion, everywhere on the face of the earth?

Ever since mankind first lost its connection with God, every tribe and tongue has blundered and groped for a way to restore this connection. Our races and nations have grasped after almost every false hope and self-delusion imaginable-with, of course, the guidance of the Prince of Liars. But behind all this multitude of blind alleys lies every individual's underlying hunger to make sense of his world, to know that his existence matters, that God exists and cares about him.

The tragedy of their delusion is that the Desire of all nations has already appeared. He came first in the guise of a helpless baby, who grew to manhood and fulfilled His ministry as both High Priest and Sacrificial Lamb. His next advent will be as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, come to wreak vengeance on the armies of the enemies of God.

Our mission and ministry in this interval is to help our world make peace with God through the Lamb of God, before He becomes the Lion.

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