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A Response to "Quit Ragging Homosexuals"
I suppose Cynthia Strain's letter, (October '04 Readers' Forum) irritated many. Doubtless, her understanding of love contrasts with that of most PH readers. This divergence is worth some attention.

Cynthia's attitude is common in today's world. Many think they have the capacity to define truth and love, to determine what is right or wrong, based on their personal inclinations. Love, they suppose, makes one immune to error. Even starkly unnatural behavior is qualified by love. While I cannot agree, it is easy to make such a mistake.

Since, as noted, love "is the highest law," the study of it deserves our best. The Bible says that God is love. Fair enough, but we must not stop there. The Bible says so much more about God, and Jesus came to us so that we would have a working definition of that love. The Scriptures show that Jesus was hated because He did not allow people to define truth and love for themselves.

Since Jesus did not mention homosexuality, we must find the mind of God from other Scriptures. The editor pointed to some good ones in his note. Since the Bible is clearly against homosexuality, those who engage in that behavior sin. But, we are all sinners.

The difference is that, to be unashamedly homosexual, one must either ignore Scripture or declare his or her behavior to be approved by God. This is not just a difference; it is the difference. Bad as it is to sin, it is worse to deny that one's behavior is sinful (see 1 John: 1-10). Theoretically, one may sin every day, and yet be justified by God's grace. Those who deny God's truth are in no position to receive His grace at all. Remember Jesus' story about the Pharisee and the Publican.

In today's diverse church we have clergy bent on breaking with tradition. Believing that the church must change to survive, they would completely redefine the faith. They have forged a de facto alliance with the world and are struggling for complete acceptance of homosexuality. To overcome resistance, they assert that the Bible is an archaic, irrational contrivance of man.

Given Bible prophecy, especially Jesus' own words, this cleft is just the kind of thing we should expect as we approach the end of the age. There is much more at stake here than homosexuality. When it becomes acceptable for each person to choose his or her own truth, the very foundation of civility disappears. Man behaves like an animal.
Howard Glass

"Wal-Mart" Description Fits
I recently received a copy of Pulpit Helps and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading the articles it contains. I telephoned to get permission to reprint one article for our church bulletin written by Dr. Bill Denton entitled "The Walmart Church." I found it spoke exactly to the problem in our community today. Thank you for your insightful publication.
Charles A. Harris
First Assembly of God
Ottumwa, Iowa

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