Defending Your Faith (an Introduction to Apologetics)

by Glen H. Jones

Apologetics has been defined as an intellectual defense of the Christian faith. Sproul points out that faith and intellect should not be antagonistic to each other. Rather, a reasoned, intellectual presentation of the faith is commanded in Scripture.

In the first half of his book, Sproul presents the four classic rules of epistemology (how we obtain human knowledge). The first is noncontradiction; that is, truth in Scripture is absolute even though human logic cannot always explain it. This opposes most humanistic philosophy that states that truth is relative. Even if we do not understand absolute statements in Scripture, we accept them because they come through the inspired Word. 

The second principle of epistemology states that every effect has a cause. Things do not just happen. Christians believe that God is the cause behind the created universe, both visible and invisible.

The basic reliability of sense perception is the third principle of epistemology. Sproul argues that our imperfect senses are "nevertheless are our only avenue to the physical world.... The mind can think, imagine, or reflect. But it cannot perceive anything without the aid of the senses." The basic reliability of the senses enabled the prophets and apostles of old to see and handle

The fourth way we obtain knowledge is through language. God is knowable because He has chosen to reveal Himself through words. These words are. by common consent. filled with meaning. Without words that are packed with meaning we could not know God.

In the second half of his book, Sproul shows that a self-existent God created a self-existent universe. Atheistic and humanistic philosophers cannot demolish the truth of a personal, loving and creative God. Scripture has demonstrated through the ages that it is reliable, authoritative, and creative. The testimony of Jesus Christ establishes the trustworthiness of Scripture.

Target: All

Type: Apologetics

Take: Highly recommended

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