Church that Works (Your One-Stop Resource for Effective Ministry)

by Glen H. Jones

Fast-paced changes in society necessitate frequent evaluation of the ministry of the local church. The author has given us a manual for looking at the church's worship, training, and outreach. McIntosh poses several questions for the pastor and other church leaders. How do we attract visitors? What is the best way to follow up on those who visit our church? How do we evaluate the friendliness of our church? Does one type of worship service meet the needs of all the members?

The author offers some suggestions for revitalizing a church that is demoralized, disorganized, or defeated. How do church leaders identify the core lay leadership? How do the leaders formulate a mission for the church? And finally, how does the pastoral and lay staff communicate the goals to the congregation?

Relocating the church to a different property requires all the skills the core leadership can muster. First, the congregation must be convinced a move is necessary. Everyone must have an opportunity for input. Of course, not everyone will agree with the ultimate decision, but everyone should feel that his position has been heard.

Several other topics are covered in this book: children's ministry, small groups, pastoral compensation, and training the church board.

Target: Church staff

Type: Church leadership

Take: Recommended

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